John Rolfe

M, #9350, b. circa 1634, d. 1 October 1681
Father*Henry Rolfe (Immigrant)1 b. 5 Sep 1585, d. 1 Mar 1642/43
Mother*Honour Rolfe (Immigrant)1 b. c 1593, d. 1650
Birth*circa 1634 John Rolfe was born circa 1634.2 
(InWillOf) Will1650He was mentioned in the will of Honour Rolfe (Immigrant) in 1650; at the home of her son-in-law Thomas Blanchard where she lay 'berry sick". The will was noncupative (an oral will given in the presence of witnesses usually at the time when the testator is very near death). She wished her possessions to go to her sons, Benjamin and John, and her two daughters, Hannah Dole and Anna. She also wanted each of her four grandchildren to have tweny shillings four or five years after her death. Benjamin and John were not yet married, while Hannah had married Richard Dole and was the mother of two son. The other two grandchildren were the daughters of Anna (Rolfe) Blanchard.3 
Marriage*4 December 1656John Rolfe married Mary Scollard on 4 December 1656 at Newbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts.2 
Death*1 October 1681John Rolfe died on 1 October 1681 at Newbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts, at home of brother.4 


Mary Scollard
Children 1.Mary Rolfe4,2 b. 2 Nov 1658, d. 10 Dec 1658
 2.Mary Rolfe4,2 b. 16 Jan 1659/60
 3.Rebecca Rolfe4,2 b. 9 Feb 1661/62
 4.John Rolfe4,2 b. 5 Mar 1663/64
 5.Samuel Rolfe4,2 b. 8 Mar 1665/66
 6.Sarah Rolfe4,2 b. 2 Dec 1667
 7.Joseph Rolfe4,2 b. 12 Mar 1669/70
 8.Hannah Rolfe4,2 b. 5 Feb 1671/72
 9.Benjamin Rolfe4,2 b. 1 Feb 1673/74
 10.Esther Rolfe2
 11.Henry Rolfe4,2 b. 26 Sep 1678
 12.Moses Rolfe4,2 b. 14 Oct 1681
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